Monday, August 16, 2010

Walk 2 & 3

When I got to Rob n Terri's for BBQ I greeted the new dog Valentine. She's just a pup and has to remember I'm not a threat each time I visit. Soon we got along fine just as per usual. That is until Rob decided she needed to have a little swim. After that she wasn't too keen on being petted in the pool area.

I forgot how old she was on her birthday 2 years ago. So I got her several small round presents because I figured she was 'aRound 8'. Well 7 as it turned out. This year I'll it 9 what do 9 year olds need?

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Ashley's Sister Kaitlin was getting ready for the 6th grade by having a purple streak in her hair. If this turns out acceptable at school the story is her mom will do her whole head purple. Then what color will be the accent streak? I vote for yellow like corn.

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After BBQ they agreed to go for a walk. First we stopped to admire how green Rob managed to get his lawn this summer.

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Storm is 13 which is old for a husky but $1k of vet and he is feeling pretty spry so he is ready to walk too.

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I can't believe they still have logs from the giant cork tree that fell over 2 years ago. That thing was at least 4 feet across at the base.

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The girls go on ahead as we old folks being up the rear.

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So this was the big attraction on the other side of the block. someone just bought this place for $60K and are doing the big fix up. Considering the place across the street was going for $660K. It might be worth the investment. 4bdrm, 2bth, etc.

The big trek only took 15 minutes. I still owe 15 minutes some where.

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So today Monday the 16th I went back to Panorama Park. Lots more people this time. no parking in the little lot and the park side of Panorama is full too. I parked on River next to greenlawn my house is .5 miles right down River Bl.

Lots more cars but it didn't seem like that many more people. I thought I'd be clever and set the timer function on my phone for 15 minutes so I'd know when to turn around.

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I got to about the same place I turned around on saturday and checked the timer. What the hell? It doesn't  ring or beep or anything except start over for 15 minutes. It's half a dozen keystrokes in to even get to the timer. How or who thought this would be helpful?

Alright so one reason for the walks is, beside the general need for exercise, the anti-cholesterol meds my Dr had me taking. In 02-03 he started me on Zocor. I was tired and fatigued all the time I was getting so weak that I plotted and planned every action so as to minimize movement. I found on the net information about Myopathy and muscle weakness. Deterioration of the heart muscle. I got angry and stopped taking Zocor. I started feeling better. In a few weeks I was doing alright. My Dr wasn't happy. 

In may I got a message from one of his Kaiser minions that I was to start a low dose of pravastatin and then progress to a higher dose if needed to get my blood right. 

Continue tomorrow, the blog can't take longer then the walk.

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