Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Walk first day

From Pictures via T-Mobile cell phone

I got there just before sunset and got this shot of the sun behind the palm trees.

The air was fresh and fragrant even a slight Breeze. The temperature was just right. I headed west from the parking lot towards the oildale end. I walked past a patch of heather with a damp gut sweet smell. Farther on I think it was lavender. 
The idea is to walk 30 minutes a day at least till it seems like not enough then more or faster. I don't believe in creating a lot of anxiety over this stuff. It's got to be done and that's that. Competition and sports and all that is mostly a puzzle to me. The naturally occurring competition in life is quite stimulating enough. Sometimes just getting out of bed is an achievement. Succeeding in business or work life is a particular buzz. Winning the heart of your most beloved I have always supposed would be something beyond empowering. I know the theory of practicing being competitive as good training. I think of it as a type of masturbation. And watching sports or other people competing like watching people masturbate. Kind of entertaining or compelling like watching in porn, but ultimately meaning nothing. You gain nothing from it. Unlike masturbation playing at sports has the benefit of cardiovascular strengthening, but to me takes away from the seriousness of real life competition. Like those hyper competitive douche-bags that succeed at their business goals by eliminating jobs and livelihoods, not because of necessity but to enhance the bottom line. Playing real life like a game and losing their own humanity by picturing those people as only game pieces not humans.
But I digress,
My point is that the challenge is to stay motivated and increasing the intensity to the edge of unpleasant at regular intervals. Without indiscriminate mass deportations or the closing of any manufacturing facilities.
This picture is the sunset at 7:40 15 minutes in and time to turn around.

On the way back I noticed that I was one of only a few white people. Mexicans and Mexican Americans seems to be the only other folks there.  Guess that's what got deportation in my mind. So many of the people dress like fresh immigrants. Not the 2nd - 3rd - 4th generation Americans I am used to. I don't consider what I have gotten from mass media sufficient information to form an opinion on the immigration issue. Just like so much else requiring a considered opinion, who has the time to run down the actual facts?
That said I must admit to a disturbing feeling that I don't want to be the only white guy. In fact I can do without 'not like me people' altogether. It's an unfair and irrational way to feel but sadly a common one. Think about it; a world filled with largely overweight white guys in their 50's who have nothing better to do on a Saturday night than type. Sheech.

From Pictures via T-Mobile cell phone
I got back to the car just at 7:55 PM 30 minutes even. The sun just falling behind the horizon. The last 1/4th of the way was getting to be a bit of a strain. That must be a good thing. 

This time tomorrow I will supposedly be at a friends house swimming and having BBQ. Enjoying the company of the 2 people under 12 who are friends of mine and their G-Paw & G-Ma. Funny thing is they aren't a thing like me. Maybe they will go for a walk with me. 

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