Monday, August 23, 2010

Walk #6

Monday is my busy day:
The press was late so I didn't get home till after 5AM. 
Up at 11AM. 
My latest love is scrambled eggs with pesto on top. I let the pesto go a bit too long in the frige or something at least had my lower bowels in an uproar for about an hour.  
Time's a wast'in and I had urgent bank deposits and other details to attend. 
Finally the trip back out to Wasco to visit my retailers.
Back home before 6 P.M.
There are a few repetitive and boring things that must be done at the end of the newspaper food chain. The most tedious for me is called "cutting off the tops" This is where I cut off the date and masthead portion of the front page from the unsold newspapers. When I return them to TBC I am not charged for those papers at the end of the month when I get a bill for the ones that did sell. I often wait till the last minute to do this but if I get it done on Monday the rest of the week goes smoother. The last minute is after I leave the plant with the Thursday paper. After that the assholes at TBC can fine me $50.

Suddenly the great friend who inspired me to do a walk everyday sends me a text. "R U walking?" "Did U C the Moon?"
The Moon over Panorama Liquors
Ya know let's see if I can fit everything into Monday. As soon as the tops are cut It's back the Panorama Park.
City scape
Alright I really need to dig out the manual for this camera. It's such a great camera there has to be a way to set up the f stop so I can take better night photos.

It was really really nice out there tonight a slight breeze and just enough other people that it didn't seem deserted. I got a little bit farther in the walk before I noticed my feet hurting and I had to start thinking about pushing on. When I started I had a headache. All better now.

I gotta plant some basil before it's too late so I can have fresh pesto on my eggs.

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