Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What the hell was that?

So many of my precious thoughts that haven't been captured as electrons on this screen, sigh. This business of only heing able to sit here for 30 minutes at a time is getting to be a tedious boor. If I could at least clean or do other things while my butt recovers would be helpful. Argu@#$%^&*
Lots to cover guess I'll have to do it in shifts.

The pain in the chest I mentioned in the last post turned out to be kind of terrifying. Just below my sternum it felt like a tennis ball that wanted to explode had gotten in there some how. The pain would radiate out toward my nipples then straight to my back. I know, I know chest pain = go to emergency but for Christ's sake all I had done was eat some cookies. It continued with varying degrees of severity for a full 24 hours and finally subsided in time for me to sleep at the end of the early thursday run.

I still don't know what the hell happened but I have suspicions that can't be validated one way of the other. A few years back I had the procedure where they stick a camera down your throat all the way to china. I was told by the Dr who did the procedure that I had a hiatus hernia. I was still under anesthesia at the time so I don't remember much. I thought if it had been important that would have followed up. They never did. Strange that never treated me for GURD back then, acid reflux in a big part of having a hiatal hernia. Anyway I figure that somehow the 7 times fiber cookies got stuck in the hernia above my diaphragm and caused the pain. I had also stopped taking the generic Zocor I had been taking. I got it into my head that since I was putting so little stress on my stomach and other innards compared to before that acid reflux would be less. As it turns out with so little food pushing things along through my system many things like acid reflux and certain meds have a greater impact. This has been an added dimension to my experiances so far.
I have been careful to drink even more water with the cookies and am taking the acid controller med again. I am even more careful to pick the reflux danger foods out of my daily ration of vegetables. I am not sure why but I have had upset stomach and bowels a couple of days even before eating once I am up. I know it is not on the plan but a glass of milk has been helpful in calming things down. Today is okay so far. I'm starting with the shake mix that replaces 2 cookies. As soon as I get to a point where I can stand and walk without constantly needing something to lean on and can sit with less pain I'll shift to a more reasonable diet plan.

This past week has been more than a little stressful what with my new pup Lit'll having her left eye scratched deeply by a black cat that was visiting our yard. $135 I couldn't afford for 3 meds, a cone of shame as the vet tech called it and an office visit.

Then I get a threatening letter from the state telling me I owe tax for 2010. Pay us $1295 or tell us why not within 15 days. I didn't file that year because I didn't owe any tax and so was not required to file. Now I have to jump through hoops to prove it. the next day I get more hate mail, this time from the IRS. It seems they didn't like the amount I sent them in April and wanted more.  Next week Lit'll goes back to the vet again and I get a bunch of teeth pulled. Oh joy.

Today's weigh in. 339.2
Down another 6.3
Total lost so far 14.5

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