Thursday, November 29, 2012

One Holiday down one to go.

Turkey and more turkey for sure. Mashed potatoes and pie filling. That was my 2 Thanksgiving dinners.

Had to skip the green bean with fried onion holiday tradition dish. The onions are fried with wheat.
A week or so ago I was out and about and decided to splurge on Popeye's fried chicken. First came the mind fog and bloated feeling. A few hours later my lower intestines scrunched up in that way they haven't done in months. The explosive diarrhea came in 3 bursts just like it always did, followed by a leaky butt hole for the rest of the day. Of course "what was I thinking?" I told myself "the crust on the chicken". Duh. I'm pretty sure I don't have celiac disease. What I do know is that wheat hates my guts.

I haven't posted a progress report on this blog for weeks. This may be the last typed one for a while. I never did get much response, it has been just me sorting out my thoughts anyway so I'm going to be doing a slightly different kind of writing. Should be fun. Fun for me at least. Stay tuned for that.

About 7 weeks ago I got a BiPAP machine. I remember complaints about my snoring 25+ years ago (sleep apnea). The CPAP machine I got for it a 8 years ago was some help but didn't really allow for proper REM sleep. Talk about a difference. Some days, after a few hours of sleep with the BiPAP, I feel like my IQ is up 30 points. The way my whole brain works is different, better. The changes are mostly good and I am having to rethink allot of things. It feels like some kind of healing process is going on and I can't be sure what the new norm will be just yet. Strange stuff like a string of OCD fired emails I sent to a friend last week are kind of a concern. A bit more stress than I am used to + anxiety and way too much brain activity = overload. I am hoping this kind of thing is just a bump in the road, it's not like it was unpleasant, just intense.  While cognitive functions are better; short term memory loss and absent mindedness are on the rise. Then again it's different everyday. Intuition and all of that kind of thing is up to some interesting stuff too.

This too is something that started happening again after many years. Libido kicks in on some days also.

The dieting is pretty much still on track. I think I'm down another pound or two.
I've been testing bread, biscuit and pancake recopies. Wheat free and low carb. You can buy gluten free and/or low carb bread at the store but it's $7 for a tiny loaf that is very dry and flavorless. Most of the low carb recipes I've tested use eggs for structure and are flavorless but don't get dry till the next day. The ones that are just wheat (gluten) free but not low carb use rice or bean flour and xanthan gum for structure not as much egg  Like this 

The trouble is that most of the people who go to the trouble of putting up a website with recipes are true believers (health meme fanatics) and the recipes end up also salt free, sugar free, yeast free, cruelty free etc.

The best so far was this recipe  (just cancel, the pop up you don't want on their list. Training videos for hundreds of bux. As if there were no You Tube)

I did a few with pumpkin; muffins and pancakes. They were okay but all the eggs made them kind of rubbery.

 Next experiment is fruitcake. I found several recipes that include a few shots of whiskey. (A different kind of true believer).

I have finally figured out how to get a few more vegetables into me. The fresh & easy in Wasco has  cheap pre-made salads in the markdown bin most Mondays when I am there during the day. <$2. I get a few and just before work run them through the food processor (No more molars that touch) and have that for lunch. I also made a batch of dense vegetable soup and take a thermal container full on the other days. So far it works.

The next difficult thing will be changing my sleep schedule. For years I have gone to sleep the minute I get home from work and wake up around noon or so. My days are backwards. Most people sleep till 6 A.M. or so then off to work then spend the rest of the day doing what needs to be done and winding down. I get up at noon and spend all day winding up to work at 11 PM. Nothing even gets done and i have lots to do. One problem now is that instead of being in a constant zombie mode I actually get sleepy towards the end of my day. When I am still on the road. Before I guess I wasn't really going to sleep as much as I was passing out from fatigue. Moving my sleep time to 3 or 4 in the afternoon has the problem of limiting even further my opportunities for social interaction. Earlier and I miss all of the daytime activities like Drs appointments and shopping. On the other hand people must be up and doing social things during the daylight hours.

Today's weigh in 326.3
down 1.4 since last time
down 27.4 since June.