Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's a conspiracy I tells ya.

After the drama of last week's chest pain I doubled down on acid reducing meds taking generic Zantac (Ranitidine) when I get up and generic Prilosec (omeprazole) 12 hours later. This seems extreme but a few years ago when they thought I had post nasal drip causing gastric distress, that was the prescription. Anyway it seems to work and I haven't had the upset stomach or other unpleasantness.

Thursday was my birthday and I figured I would do (eat) something special. Thing is; I am so disguised with what has happened to me there wasn't any, off the plan, food I really wanted. I used facebook to crowd source a place that serves a big 'ol chef salad. A few chain places were suggested. I hate chains (except Costco for some reason). Especially chain restaurants. From the lowest common denominator recipes and bland ambiance to the lack of wait staff with personality. It only adds to my disfavor that the money they make goes to non-local investors.
I did go to , I think it was Coco's, last week for a salad and got an unspectacular salad with spicy chicken on top with a glass of ice tea and it only cost me $12. Did I also mention the chain places are a rip off for what you get? Milt's was one suggestion and has been a local business for 40 or 50 years. Normally I would go to Zingo's for local color but this was my special day. The chef salad at Milt's was big and had every thing I expected. While not being objectively special with real blu-cheese dressing on top it was familiar and comforting. Also with tea less than $10. Unfortunately Milt's has some limited success in creating the blandness of the big chain places. Scratch the surface and the local okie quirkiness is still there. Thanks god.

After that I decided it was time to go back to the gym. I started with an easy swim, then steam, then spa and home. Very pleasant indeed. I've been back after work (at around 4:30 AM) twice since then, also nice. The pain in my ass subsided for a day and I thought the swimming might be loosening things up but when it returned the next day. I figured it must be the strong anti-inflammatories I took for an attack of gout the day before my reprieve. Now that I am started back going to the gym it's just a matter of making it a routine and then adding in more actual exercise.

I was feeling good and kind of frisky. I figured that the crowd sourcing thing worked for salad so why not casual sex? I posed my request in a somewhat charming and in an as direct way as I dared considering the fluffy and superficial nature of facebook. I didn't really expect a direct response in time for that day but I like to think that I have a lead or two to follow up on at some point. Failing to initiate that kind of adventure I recognized another craving.  Since it has always been my favorite I went to Pizzaville. I ordered a 10" with cheese and pepperoni. The god must have been displeased with me because I decided to have a coke while waiting and the coke machine decided just then to stop making fizz. I had a plain iced tea. Once I got home with my prize (as if I waited to get home to have a piece) I ate a few slices and gave the rest to the dogs. As much as I love pizzaville pizza and it's fine crackery yeast dough crust this whole new way of life is all about how 'she (food) done me wrong'. Talk about your love hate relationships. All in all it was a great day.

You will not find me bragging about this week's weigh in. I can't see where some pizza and blu-cheese dressing screwed things up so much. Up a pound. 6 days of 1100 calories or less and one day not. It must be the double doses of acid control or I don't know what. A guy my size needs almost 3000 just to maintain weight. Oh well next week will be better. the scale could be broken or maybe my over the top cravings, like a junkie have a clue.

I read (listened to) the audio book Wheat Belly over the last few days. Sometimes it's sad to be so cynical. The author goes into excruciating detail of how the rise of obesity in the western world coincides with the ubiquitous use of dwarf wheat. Wheat ,the staff of life, that is often referred to in such texts as the Bible is an original grain with only 14 chromosomes. The newer ones starting with dwarf wheat has at least 42 or more. Not the same species at all. He then goes into even more scientific detail charting out how and why the wheat we all have come to know and love is killing us inch by inch. Or bran muffin by bran muffin as it were. Almost everything I have complained about in previous posts is traced back to modern wheat. I want to jump for joy but I have been disappointed by this kind of thing before. It even explains why the majority of my excess fat is in my belly. I want to shoot it down but all I have come up with is 'Why are many people not fat and having all the bad symptoms?' I have 4 weeks of cookie diet cookies to go so I'll think about this for while.
Here are a couple of videos that explain the topic.

Check back next week.

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