Friday, August 20, 2010

Walk #5

Well I skipped wednesday I was pooped. I intended to do the walk after my weekly garage darts on Thursday but just plain old flaked. This can't happen again so I set out at a quarter till 2 in the morning.

From Bob's Big Birthday Weekend Events lots Happened that day

I got to Panorama park and found the battery dead in my camera. I left the phone at home. Dang it.
What the hell? I just charged that battery. It usually holds a charge for a really long time. Then I remembered that I bought the camera after my trip to NYC 3 summers ago. Lithium batteries don't do so well after 3 years. Time for new.
I was wearing the same t shirt as in this picture of me on the Brooklyn Bridge in 07. Around my neck was the high end recorder I bought for the trip instead of a nice camera. Cool idea and I got lots of great sound clips. The problem is that unlike a camera it isn't so simple a matter to grab out the ones you like and delete the rest. I never did edit them all down as originally planned. 

At 2 am the park is real quiet. The view from the bluffs is darned nice. Only a few other people. I didn't have a way to time the walk so just went as far as I did the times before and figured it would all work out. When I got home it was almost 2:30 so I figure I got in at least 30 minutes.

It was my day off, at 2 am I am usually just getting to or leaving the newspaper rack at the donut shop on 7th St in Wasco. This rack used to sell 3 or 4 a day now it's 2 or 3 a day. It's the only donut shop in town so it's not from lack of foot traffic. The donuts they make are very good. I used to get there around 4:30 when they open. Much healthier for me since I rearranged the route to get there earlier. 

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