Saturday, August 28, 2010

Walk #7

I felt poorly and skipped a couple of days then there were the too hot days and yesterday and today that digestive distress that has troubled me for the last year and a half has been terrible.
After just one small meal today I still feel full to the bursting point. They say walking is good for digestion so I might as well suffer walking as sitting at home.

The house just next to mine on the left got this groovy new sign for their front lawn a few weeks ago. A few months after the streetlight that lit up the whole intersection where we live dissapeared one day.

Today I'm changing it up and simple walking sounth down River Bl from my house.
Just yards from my front yard is what we call "Gutter park" because of the gutter going down the middle of it.

The County calls it Wilkins Park. After some long dead bearucrat I'm sure. Or maybe the Guy who built the houses along one side of the park in 1947 that includes mine.

I have lived her for almost 10 years and have never walked to Amstoy's. 15 minutes exactly. It was about 10 years ago that I got tired of drinking to excess and rarely do it now or I would have known the walk time was 15 minutes. How freaking convenient is that? I may just have to revive my professional status as a drinker.

I am always the first to tout the supiriority of the North East part of town. Because the fanatical use of cul-de-sacs was not the norm in bako yet, when this areas was developed more natural traffic patterns mean less congestion. The older houses have much more character and charm. From above the NoWest looks like a big circuit board. One thing I am always quick to report as supiror is the fact that the North east has at least a little topography. It's not all flat and boring.
As I head up the hill to Columbus I strain a little. The slight upward incline back from Amstoy's to the school is a bit of a tick. Then the slope down to my House. Not sure but I'm thinking hills are still supirior.

The stomach thing was terible the whole way but again it was just 30 minutes and I survived it. Sitting here now I may even feeel a little better. So, there goes one more excuse for skipping tomorrow.

Tomorrow at 10 AM is the first meeting of all the people involved with "Maggie". If I go to sleep now I might be up in time for it. getting up 3 hours ahead of my regular routine is going to make me cranky all day and I won't finish delivering Sunday till at least 6AM Sunday. that makes for one long Saturday. We'll just have to see.

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