Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My own D-day (D as in Diet)

If I try to recall I seem to remember going on a diet (Weight Watchers) back in 1972, give or take. My lowest weight at full height was 189. that lasted about a week. I try to forget about it but I also dieted a couple of years later when I was 19. You can do stupid things when you’re young, right? Since then nothing serious except in 2001 when I first was diagnosed with diabetes. That wasn’t a weight loss thing, super healthy but not about calories as such.
In looking for a program to use I went to the net and found quite allot of useless information and many charlatans. What do you expect from the web? Anyone can start a web site. I must have 6 or 8 websites I never even use. Books are the backbone of knowledge. On amazon I found hundreds of books claiming to have “The” answer. sigh. The problem is that every book, website and plan is first and foremost about the people behind it finally finding a way to make it rich. 
The credo of “Take in less calorie than you burn and you lose weight” is the gold standard of reason. The problem with that is that eating is an emotional, social, sensual act. The fact that food is also the fuel you use is a side benefit. For the last 4 years I have been listening the Nutrition Diva podcast. Unlike most things on the net Monica Reinagel, MS, LN, CNS is the real deal when it comes to cutting edge information on nutrition. She does deep research into the science in an as unbiased way as I have seen. Well heard, it is an audio podcast after all. She covers many many nutrition topics and of course weight loss too. She has put most of the approaches to weight loss you have heard about in their place. Some good a few very bad. Science has to be the bottom line. There again she covers the science, not so much of the thousand natural shocks the flesh is heir to. 

I had to figure out on my own what I want to accomplish and what steps to take: 
  1. First thing is to break the cycle of reaching for food at will. I have to let a plan do the deciding of when to eat and what. Less or no cooking will help keep food off my mind and lower the risk of deviating from the plan. 
  2. No negivitity just enough flexibility. The concept of sin is not one I apply in other parts of my life it has no place here. Failure to follow the plan is simply that, an error not to be repeated, learned from if possible. I am into this thing to succeed rewards and penalties are not required.
  3. Right now exercise is not in the cards. Just sitting in this chair is driving me nuts. I have the seat of my car set up with special medical grade cushioningIt cost too much to buy one for every seat. I tried a light work out one day and spent 2 weeks getting over it. The place I go has a nice pool. A couple of laps is fine for now. 

Price wise I am very limited. The kind of plan where they send you complete meals would be awesome. At some point I may be able to afford Nutrisystem. It's about $10 a day. The real fancy schmancy ones are more like $50+ a day. If I could afford it I don't know that I would. $1500 a month for food is disgusting behavior. What I a came up with is this: simple simple simple. What they call a cookie diet. $172 for 42 days plus one real meal a day. 

This came to my door step yesterday. I started it today. 6 cookies or other snack items (or protein mix, chips, powdered soup etc). The real meal has to be 10 - 12 ounces of protein with 3 to 5 servings of vegetables. 
No Fruit
No Beef
No bread
No lots of things.
I wanted drastic. I needed drastic. This may be it. 
"breaking the cycle" "breaking the cycle, boss"

The claim is 15 pounds in 30 days. 
At my weight the first 5 are a gimme, just for thinking about it. 
This morning I was 353.7 on my home scale. 
Looking for 338.7 or less on July 27. 

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