Saturday, June 30, 2012

D-day plus 3, plus 4

Day two was going along just fine. The stomach upsets didn't occur like they did in the morning. Of concern is that I was only able to eat 4 of the 6 cookies required. They are cookies and they are kind of sweet. Their main component is fiber that is supposedly 9 times more fibrous than normal. That's always been the problem with most of this kind of diet plan. They assume, I guess since you are fat, that you must be obsessed with sugar. I do crave sugar at times but my real cravings are for things like steak or pizza. Why has no one developed diet bars that taste like pot roast? If they made a grilled cheese diet bar I'd eat a million of 'em.  . . .Oh yeah, maybe that's the problem. Same thing on day 3, only 4 eaten.

I have done my research and know that the reason they have you eat a cookie every 3 or 4 hours is that they want you to feel full all the time and not be tempted to stray or binge. The sugar at regular intervals also keeps your blood sugar at a level where you will feel hungry.

I had been taking a break from Adderall but felt it was time to start taking it again. The world came back into what feels like sharp focus again. The underling feeling of enthusiasm at starting this process getting more acute. Adderall is also known as amphetamine, famous as a diet pill in the 50s and 60s. This could account for not eating the recommended number of cookies. Or it could be that all the fiber is more than I am used to. The GURD thing by it's self has had me feeling stuffed for years. The thing that is cool so far is that I am getting the good effects of Adderall and not the bad so far. Between the constant pain, loss of sleep and remaining bouts with GURD the stimulant was driving me crazy. The last few nights I have slept like crazy. The pain in my ass has been about the same. As long as it has taken to write this much I feel like my right hip joint is resting on a piece of board.

Then plan includes no fat as such. Even the 10-12 ounces of protein a day I am to have at dinner has to be very low in fat. As I said in the last post fat is the main thing that creates satiety, loads of fiber just make you feel full, 2 different things. No beef, no salmon, eggs but no yokes. I looked up the profile of raw eggs on 100 grams (2 large) = 143 calories, 10 grams of fat and 13 grams of protein. Just the white = 48 calories, 0 fat and 11 grams of protein. I then compared my boiled eggs to the same 100 grams of roasted chicken = 165 calories, 4 grams of fat and 31 grams of protein. Drumstick meat rotisserie cooked = 176 calories, 7 grams of fat and 29 grams of protein. My idea was to have a boiled egg the times the huger is at it's worst. Like around 4 AM just before I make the last leg of my nightly run. I have long thought that people who have things like egg whites for breakfast are douchbags. They refused to believe the updated studies that show that dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol are only vaguely related. However 5 grams of fat on this plan is kind of allot. I went ahead and boiled the eggs I had in the fridge. Better to error in favor of 5 grams of fat than something much worse.

Today's project is to forage for fat free salad dressing.

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