Thursday, September 6, 2012


Sorry that I've been away. I have so much to tell you. This last month has been  . . . 31 days.

Mostly I haven't posted because every time I sit, after about 15 minutes this pain settles into the muscles around the top end of my femur, near the hip joint. Then what seems to be the head of my femur or maybe the ischial tuberosity (specifically the ligaments that attach there) begin to send off a pain like being pinched in a big vice that gets slowly tighter and tighter. This makes me fidget in my seat till I have to stand up. Well what ever the problem is it changes after I am standing, to a slightly sharper pain in the group of muscles just below my hip joints. So standing is not so bad. I can move or walk. Too much walking or moving and the whole thing gets worse.
This phenomenon isn't all that extreme. I got a special cushion for my car seat so the 4-6 hours of driving everyday only gets weird towards the end if the route. The rest of the time it has been of varied strengths but, always there, for weeks now. Getting up and down and lying down way too much because that is the only place that the pain is quiet is driv'in me nuts. I can't sit in front of the TV either. Grrrr.

I'm working on several solutions besides stretches and exercises and Dr appointments. Something will have to catch sooner or later. If I was rich I could do this tedious waiting thing near a beach and be bored there too. Better here with Muffin & Lit'll. I'm dancing in my seat, gotta go.

This week's weigh in. 331.5
No change. 

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