Sunday, November 1, 2015

The guy that lives in my yard

It's a good thing I suppose. I've been feeling better but still a bit woozy and my leg muscles are getting weak. So the need for help continues. The universe and me have a nice rapport, it puts opportunities in my path that are unexpected sometimes.

Knowing I need financial, help one person I know sent me a person that needed a place to live. As it happens I have a spare room. I have it set up to do massage but the massage I have done lately has been on-site with my mobile table. It was a nerve-wracking decision but I offered it to him for whatever rent he could afford. Turns out he can do the cleanup and hauling away of debris that my place sorely needs. He has an old pickup and does that kind of thing all the time.

He is also an ol guy like me, not used to sharing living space with others. I was thinking it would be best if I got used to having people around. Turns out I like people quite a lot. I let him figure out what he wanted to do. He decided to start by cleaning my back yard. He cut up old branches and excess brush. Hauled away a couple of loads. Then started to assemble sections of chain link fence to form a kennel for his 3 dogs. He also masked it with those blue tarps so they can’t see strangers on the street to bark at. Also so my 2 little dogs won’t get as upset.

This is a generic picture but similar to what is planned.
Then he said he wanted to put up a tent next to the kennel. I was not sure about this, my spare room is pretty nice as far as rooms go. Nice paint and wainscoting. Built in book and TV shelves. He went ahead and bought a big tent. 8x18 I think. Big enough to have a 7 foot ceiling. I also have a detached garage with it’s own toilet. He could have moved in there but it is filling up with his work tools.

Yesterday he started moving his other stuff over. The tent now has his bed, TV and other stuff. It’s after dark and there’s not much for him to do but watch TV or sleep. At this moment I can hear him out there yelling at the neighborhood dogs to shut up and talking loud to himself or to someone on the phone. He is under considerable stress. He was supposed to be moved out of his old place by today and there is still stuff there. I know this has been stressful on me and my little dogs too. They have never had strangers in their territory before. They stick by my side or go on barking tangents at the slightest sound.

What the deal is with his dogs, and come to find out 2 cats also, is yet to be seen. He already told a neighbor lady about the dogs and his living situation. Kind of stupid of him. Our combined number of dogs have to be more than allowed by the county. Camping in a yard is a harmless thing but they have bonehead laws aginst a lot of harmless things.

So far it looks like a win. He gets a place to stay for a while to reconnoiter and save up for a new place of his own. I get my yard cleaned up and stuff hauled away. He could come up with a few dollars but we’ll have to see on that.  We both get to live our own private existences.

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