Friday, April 4, 2014

Calistoga Vacation 2014

Part 4 of a 5 part travelogue.
This should be fun
I made special Google map of the trip so far. On it you can click the icons to zoom in and look at street view. Some places have lots of extra photos too.

Story is, that if you click on these words
you will be whisked off to a cool interactive map.

Below pictures I took on the trip. 
If you click one you will get a bigger version as a slide show. 
But not my occasionally clever captions.
The post below this one has the actual vacation part of the vacation.
For some reason the 5th part of this travelogue is on the next page.
At the bottom of this page click where it says Older Posts.
How I'll always remember ye Modesto
The tunnel to the Bay Bridge
On the bay Bridge. No line for the toll booth.
Suspension bridge but not the Golden Gate
This bridge is dbl decker. The deck below goes east
There it is San Francisco
Looking back from whence I came.
Now time to cross 6 lanes in the middle 2 are light rail.
Where did this come from? in the embarcadero?
Inside the Ferry Building - Shrooms!
It's like a mall but with stalls kind of like in the 3rd world except everyone smells nice.
Grow your own mushroom kit
Big display too.
Wait what's this next door? Baked goods?
Gluten free bakery?! neato!
In search of my friend's old digs - wrong end.
Here is the way in.
It this where the 103 year old lady's house was?
Or was it here.?
Wait now the other place was . . here?
Not here. 
The Golden Gate being eaten by fog.
I can see the other tower.
Damn those things are big.
My old sleeping place.
Looking back at San Fran from Sausalito side.
This was the view I woke up to.
And Horseshoe Bay also
Alcatraz - You can tell it isn't Alka-Seltzer because it isn't fizzing. 

Also the vista point
The unknown seaman.
San Fran has lots of unknown seamen.

Looking back the other way GG bridge.
Road from St Helena to Calistoga
Almost there. I can smell the sulphur now.
I would never have thought to do this.
Put a painting behind the headboard.
My room & new car.
Nice pool & spa at El Bonita Motel
Even a fountain. Loved this place.

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