Tuesday, July 17, 2012


One thing I have observed is, that I seem to be blogging to enhance my user experience of the process of altering my behavior. Okay, I admit it, that was the plan all along. I've had so much internal head traffic lately I lost track of what I . . .

Just so you know;
I am most grateful for the people that have taken the time to read some of the earlier posts.
This has created (even if you never give it another thought) a cloud of accountability for me.

The plan going forward;

  • The more that I am able to keep these posts 'up-beat' the more I am able to look at my moment to moment circumstances in a positive light.
So I think I'll try and do that.
  • Since it is in my nature to color my discourses with twists of dry humor, applying such gags to what I write here will give any positive vibe in the area, the tangy flavor I like. 
In real life pulling it off easily and naturally, I think, is my most charming personality trait.
  • This all leads to me living with my head cocked to one side, looking for conformation that the absurd lives among us. Ultimately an easy and delightful way to approach the moments. 
  • This flows back into doing this blog from the perspective of reporting. As in writing a personal letter on paper. Or, to be honest, in the voice of early radio from the front of some war or other.
  • Another reason for doing this blog now is to warm up my writing skills. I have had an idea for a series of stories that I have wanted to tell for some time. In my mind they are stories I tell verbally. At some point I will start to write these post then record them so my writing can adjust to being spoken. 

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