Monday, April 9, 2012

Prologue - the back story

It seems I have been doing this blogging thing off and on for many years. In an effort to consolidate some of the older posts on different bogs into this one here is a post originally placed;
Tuesday, July 17, 2007
I told someone that I hadn't ever taken a vacation. That isn’t really true. I’ve had many happy holidays in the San Francisco bay area when CL first moved there in the late 80s. Dad and I took a week to visit some of the places he worked after WWII as far north as Eureka just a few weeks before he passed away. Once I traveled as far as Eugene, I had always heard nice things about Oregon as a nice place for people like me to live and figured I had better give it the once over.  (Eugene/Springfield seemed a bit too much like Bakersfield/Olidale the rest of the state is pretty and green).  Another vacation-y thing I do are the one or two camping trips a year my old buddies and I go on. When I said I had never taken a vacation what I meant was that I had never gone farther east than Denver just as a get away. And certainly never on a big airplane.
I have been going through a lot of depression and medical reverses ever since Dad died in 98. Things just got worse in 01 when I went into the hospital with blood sugar over 1600. Over 600 is supposed to be dead, so I should be grateful. Doing a lot of sleeping and nothing in particular in my little house with my two dogs has been pretty much my life the last few years. Oh and buying six or nine hundred newspapers at 1am everyday to sell and deliver in and around the countryside in Wasco ca.

About a year ago a friend told me about taking drastic steps to change her life. I was inspired by her determination and courage. She is very beautiful and charming and such a dear friend that I wanted to be a part of her new life. At least that’s what I thought through the haze of tranquilizers and SRIs they had me on. First thing was to quit taking those pills. They warn not to stop them too quickly. The SRI (wellburtin) stopped easy enough. The tranquilizers (nortriptyline) took a bit more time. I think it was addictive. In a few months I was clear of those and even eating vegan most days after reading the book “The China Study” . It became clear that my friend didn’t need me and my problems in her way as she rebuilt her life, later who knows?

After months of sorting out emotional crap I was to a point where I could re-enter society and the people who walk the earth during daylight. I got a small but worthwhile part in a production of Macbeth. After all that time with just a few friends or only the sound of my own thoughts the hyper verbal cast of Macbeth was just the change I needed. (see the other blog ‘Theater as Therapy” for details, that reminds me ‘add details to T as T blog’)

I was talking to Laurie on the phone one day when the subject of vacations came up. She reminded me that Uncle Bob’s 80th birthday was in July and everyone was coming to New York for the event. The newspaper biz, you may have read (or more likely seen on a screen) is in decline. The newspaper company makes sure that we on the street level also feel the pinch. I don’t have savings as such, but have always lived an austere life financially. Opulent by Cambodian standards but not by most of middle class America. I searched to figure out financing.

Breaking away from the grind, the house, the town, the old worn out life. Just the thing to snap me back or forward into a new mind set. 

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