Friday, March 25, 2011

Walk #8 post hiatus post

When I started this I said I didn't know how long or how often I'd walk. After 7 months the same caveats are in place. This may be a one-off or not.
I know after 30 minutes of walking it took 3 or 4 times that amount of time to write the blog, edit the photos and post the whole mess here. It's not that I didn't have the time really, but it was a bit of an investment in terms of effort and sit on my ass at the keyboard time. Part of the point to this is get out more.

That's a dodge, the reasons for the long break has to do with a crisis of health and destiny. I think I started talking about what happened before and the side effects of Statins on my nervous system. As bad as that was, it only really exacerbated existing problems that have hunted me the last 30 years or so. I'm sure that will all be covered in time. The last 7 months have been an attempt to discard my old life and replace it with one that meets my needs. Some results are what I expected many disappointments are still in need of resolution. The progress made is what brought me back here.

Today's walk was once again at Panorama park. Only during the day. The newspaper distributorship that had me going to work at midnight every night since June 20 2004 ended October 17 2010. I miss having an income and chatting with the old man that was a fixture of the loading dock. Nothing else really. I thought I might miss something about Wasco, but no.

Just a few days into spring and the park is coming back to life. The lavender is starting to bloom and fragrance the air. Lots of ground squirrels rushing here and there. The space feels so open after a long winter at home. Just like before I walk 15 minutes then turn around, it's about a third of the way back when I notice my body noticing the expenditure of effort. I almost stopped at one of the benches but decided to push on. I'll be standing for over an hour with no brakes. It's been awhile since I've done that.

Tomorrow night is the date of my first real Hypnosis show. I had enough people one of the 4 nights at the Replay lounge to do the show. Unfortunately not enough of the volunteers were good hypnotic subjects. Only one guy went under in a big way. He as it turned out was disabled and it wouldn't have been safe to do much with him. Two of his pals were just great about it and we did a pretend hypnosis show. Not as good as the real thing but we all had lots of laughs. In the end that's what counts.
Before that was a test show a few friends show up for (bless them). Similar results. On Feb 4 I followed George the Giant at CIA HQ. Only 10 people that time. One great hypnotic volunteer. Still not a full show.

When I appeared on ch. 58 Feb 7th I learned a number of things.

  • Cambi Brown the reporter who interviewed me is just as cute as a bug. 
  • They need a grown up to run that morning show. 
  • When doing a morning show Pre-hypnotize the volunteers. It just takes too much time to do on the air.
  • Mostly I learned that Wednesday nights are not a night when people go out for light entertainment at night clubs. 
  • The other even more valuable thing I learned was from a colleague who watched the video of me trying to hypnotize Aaron Perlman the weather man. A technical point but very useful.
  • Also people do watch that show. The lady who booked me for tomorrow night called because she saw me on TV. 

I am so looking forward to this. The critical part of changing my life is about doing things I love. Putting on a show and making people laugh is one of my most loved things. I'm hoping the place is packed and they have me back again. Even if it's just a handful of bikers and few of the venue's regulars it will be fun.

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